Millions of fans, permanent shows in six locations, a world tour, and 25 years later, the Blue Man Group needed to create a vision for their next 25 years. Being both well-known and unique, we wanted to reestablish them with a new brand identity without reinventing their act. Previous advertising featured the Blue Man Group as if they were strange characters, and failed to capture their true point of view.

Rather than advertising the shows, which explore everything from art to technology to music, we knew we needed to get back to Blue Man Group’s roots: reminding people to embrace the full spectrum of life.

We re-focused the brand on the out-of-the ordinary, experimental, and immersive experience – one that is full of color, adventure, and heroism. We wanted to reinforce that Blue Man Group is the show to see when you want to break free from the day-to-day mundane. It was a lifestyle and a point of view.

This lead to a brand platform and reinvention at every touchpoint: logo, merchandise, social, digital, advertising, employee communications and more, rediscovering the human element and ensuring the Blue Community that there is “no blue man without the group.”

A worldwide increase in sales, employee morale at an all-time high, and assistance in securing both a book deal and record deal boosted the brand globally and helping, helping position the brand for sale. The campaign currently lives on TV, billboards, and online at