People who love nature, really love nature. But for busy New Yorkers, nature can be a bit of an afterthought. It’s hard to relate to imagery that depicts landscapes and animals New Yorkers hardly ever see in their day-to-day lives, and understand how they are expected to make a difference.

For The Nature Conservancy’s first awareness campaign in New York City, we wanted to show New Yorkers that The Nature Conservancy’s work is relevant to their daily lives in their city. Without clean water, there would be no morning coffee. If seasons didn’t change in a timely manner, fashion wouldn’t be the same. And if our coastlines weren’t safeguarded from floods, our skyline would be ruined. New Yorkers depends on The Nature Conservancy to protect many things they love. The world we depend on, depends on The Nature Conservancy.


We took The Nature Conservancy in New York from being about nature to being about humanity. Their work is not just about preserving the environment. It’s about preserving how we go about our day.


We wanted to reflect that through humans doing what they love in nature, whether it is surfing, kids playing outside, or simply walking down the street on a crisp, Fall day. NEW YORK DEPENDS ON US lead to e-member increase and donations in New York State.