Most universities advertise their school with scenic pictures of their quad, or happy, multi-cultural kids throwing a frisbee. Or, they simply state stats and random factoids, without capturing the energy and vibrancy of an educational experience.


We broke out of category-generic advertising and rebranded NYIT as the school for empowered students who tinker, invent, and create, shaping the future of humanity. They are the ones who update the status quo, and not just their Facebook status. 


THE FUTURE IS OURS campaign leverages NYIT’s strongest attributes: their students, faculty, and alumni who all embrace the power of technology in the 21st century. Advertising imagery captures the excitement and energy of hands-on learning, showcasing people who are coding, designing, and prototyping, paving the way for the next generation. By framing each scene, we provide an up-close look into a NYIT education.


This lead to a 23% increase in first-year enrollment, over 15% increase in visits to the website, and recognition by CASE, PRSA, DAVEY, Mercury, and others with awards for category leading work.